Image of quail and fresh eggs

Which Quail food is best for feeding my young Quail and older breeding Quail?

We find Oakwood Game Feeds to be the best provider of high quality Quail feeds from their well balanced and nutritious Fine Crumb Quail Starter for Quail chicks to their Quail Layer/Breeder Pellets with 20% protein, the perfect food to ensure healthy laying birds and healthy eggs.

At Crowle Quail we specialise in the production of High Quality Quail and Fresh Quail eggs, with over 30,000 birds on site at any given time we get through a lot of Quail food! This is why we decided to also offer for sale the same food we use in our own Quail production process.

At 6+ weeks Quail destined to become Layers are fed Oakwood Layer/Breeder Pellets, containing 20% protein and should be used for at least 5 days before any eggs produced are consumed. This ensures any medication used in the growing of the younger Quail is fully out of their system.

Newly hatched Quail chicks enjoy a Fine Crumb Starter for Quail, a 29% protein superfine crumb with Clostat and fish meal perfect for your newly hatched Quail chicks. Clostat is a herbal anti-coccidiostat used to help prevent Coccidiosis.

At 3 weeks old the Quail move onto Oakwood Quail Grower Pellets 2mm to finish. Clostat is no longer included in the feed and the birds will finish their growth cycle until sold or layer designation.

Growth rate is rapid until five weeks of age, thereafter it slows down and adult weight is achieved at about 50 days.

Oakwood Game Feeds are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials with over 35 years of game feed composition experience and production of specialist game feeds and the rations have been developed to be the best on the market!

The natural feed additive AddNature is included as standard across the Oakwood feeds range of feeds. AddNature is a natural feed additive which improves animal health and performance.